T-rex CMS: Drag And drop Build Site

T-rex CMS is power CMS, create the site with drag and drop the component on toolbar, It will help to create site or langing page more easier. With Cute T-rex CMS, you can have multiple site on a domain with subfolder (ex: domain.com/sub1, domain.com/sub2,..)

- Copy all the source code in the source directory to your web root directory.

- Connect to mysql server, create a new blank database.

- Access http://yourdomain.com via your browser.

- Follow the instruction of the installation.

- Remove the (web root)/app/install directory.


Finished, enjoy it.

  1. Create unlimited html websites or landing page
  2. Blog management for each site
  3. Design html file with drag and drop component elements
  4. Power user manager system, we can set permission via user group
  5. Mouse double click on element to open edit modal.
  6. Pugins management
  7. Themes management
  8. Multiple themes support
  9. Email templates
  10. Languages management
  11. Power setting
  12. Preview html file
  13. Test environment for desktop, tablet, mobile
  14. Support bootstrap theme
  15. Support Html layout
  16. Breadcrumb for bulder
  17. Web Template support
  18. 35 Available plugins
  1. Anchor
  2. blank-space
  3. blockquote
  4. blog
  5. box
  6. button
  7. counter
  8. css-code
  9. deviders
  10. display-html-code
  11. faq
  12. form
  13. google-map
  14. headline
  15. html-code
  16. icon
  17. image
  18. image-gallery
  19. input-text
  20. javascript-code
  1. list
  2. navbar
  3. portfolio
  4. pricing-table
  5. row
  6. row2
  7. section
  8. tab
  9. team
  10. testimonial
  11. text-block
  12. text-heading
  13. textarea
  14. user
  15. video


The Website including the Html and the Layout, Layout includes shared components. Html may be use or not use the Layout.

Create Website

Access admin panel, click  "Website" menu on admin menu.

click on New Website button. We can choose Emply or "CMS Template" for website , ex: create a website with name "Demo CMS" with "CMS Template" template.


Click on "Demo CMS" access to Html and Layout management.

Click on any Html or Layout file to open Drag and drop builder. Drag component on toolbat to main content.

Click on each element on main content, the the small portlet button will be shown to allow drag, edit, delete,.. element.





Access admin panel, click  "Website" menu on admin menu and click on "Demo CMS" website. Click 'Blog manager' to access Blog management.

In Blog management, we can manage Post, Post Category, Post Comment, Setting.


We have 7 compoment (Blog, Recent Post, Popular Post, Post Category, Breadcrumb, Post Search, Post tag ) on site bulder toolbar to help create blog front page.

ex: blog.html in "Demo CMS" website

To create a contact, we will use 3 components (For, Input text, Textare)

In contact-us.html ( in "Demo CMS" website) have a contact form have been created.

Click on Email component and click 'From' on bottom breadcrumd, Click on edit button on small toolbar and create template email for contact form.



Access admin panel, click  "Users" menu on admin menu to manage Users and Click "Groups" on admin menu to manage Groups

1. Users

2. Groups


In each Group, we can set the permission to allow or denied the action.

Access admin panel, click  "Themes" menu on admin menu to manage Themes and Click "Plugins" on admin menu to manage Plugins

1. Themes

2. Plugins

Configuration has 3 function (Settings, Email templates, Languages), we can access  them on admin menu.

1. Settings

2. Email templates

3. Languages